BULKAM DECOR performs production and installation of natural stone interior products and complete projects – marble, travertine, onyx, granite, limestone. We work both on specific assignments of our clients or develop together the design of the projects, offering technical advice.

Due to its elegance, natural stone is often used in interiors – flooring, decorative walls, fireplaces, kitchen countertops, bath tops, etc., creating a refined atmosphere in the house.

In public and commercial buildings, hotels, natural stone also finds its application, implying high quality and value. Often because of its strength and durability, combined with the feeling of luxury and comfort, it is used to make stairs and floorings in such spaces, as well as interior accents – wall panels, receptions, pools and spa centers, etc.

The only “limitation” in the possibilities, shapes and colors of the natural stone products is the flight of human imagination!



Decorative bricks “Romance” can be used both for interior and exterior application: interior decorative walls, fireplace mantels, decorative stone for facade cladding, fences, garages, barbeques.

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