BULKAM DECOR provides end-to-end service on natural stone interior and exterior projects including:


  • design and technical consulting
  • materials supply
  • manufacturing
  • installation
  • project management
Our main expertise is to process the raw stone, turning it into facade clading, fences, floorings, stairs, columns, arches, cornices, etc. We offer a wide variety of facade stone – limestone, granite, travertine. We perform projects based on customer specifications, or we develop together with our clients their vision for stone clading.

The look of the facade of any building or house is probably one of the most important topics each architect, builder or owner faces. The facade is the first thing that attracts people who will live or work there, what makes them say the first “yes” to our future home or office.

The stone facade creates a sense of stability, coziness, luxury and prestige, and makes every building memorable. This natural material has proved its durability and superiority when used for exterior as it is resistant to the influence of the environment. And despite the differences in architectural styles, the transience of fashion trends does not apply to natural stone facades. Used from antiquity, it is still a favorite material today, providing unlimited possibilities for shapes, colors and textures.


Installation of the facades can be accomplished by various methods – dry installation or gluing.

For the construction of ventilated facades the so-called “Dry” installation is being used. It can be done at high and low outside temperatures, it does not require a technological drying time, which makes it a quick method of construction without compromising the strength, quality and appearance of the facades and is proven to be resistant to earthquakes and aggressive environmental influences. Another advantage is that no cementitious solutions are used that pose a risk of salting and the appearance of stains. Also, the stone is located at a distance from the insulating material and this allows it to “ventilate” during wet air conditions. This method allows for exceptionally high accuracy of execution and adjustment of each individual element. The stone does not deform in the normal movements of the building. This is the most reliable way of installation, especially in tall buildings.

The stone facade can also be done by gluing the tiles by flexible adhesive to the wall itself.



“Glamor” Collection represents decorative dimensional stone products for exterior application.

It can be used for facade cladding, fences, garages, bringing harmonious look and individuality to your project.

Review the collection.

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